Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Beck Favorites

This face.
These legs.
His curly mohawk.

His tiny everything.
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Beth said...

So so so cute! I love his little right calf. It looks like he is already developing some soccer muscles!

Faye said...

And if you think these pictures are cute you should see him and hold him in person!

Cherri said...

i love every one of these pictures for different reasons.

pic 1. cute lil' tongue

pic 2. i know his toes are small, but they look chubby too.

pic 3. the hair, the mouth, and already a tiny shirt with a collar.

pic 4. i can picture him saying "word".

Tracy said...

Oh, let me hold that sweet baby Beck!!! My heart melts as I look at him. I love these pictures so much - Jody, what a precious little blessing you have in your home right now. I'm jealous! (but not THAT jealous all you smart aleks!) :)Please go squeeze and kiss him RIGHT NOW and say it's from Aunt Tracy!

bobsalouie said...

unbelievably precious - all of the shots (don't tell scott i use those words). you can already see the attitude coming in with the facial expressions in the first 2, and the gang signs in the last one. nicely done, peeps.

Jody said...

Bobsalouie - that's a W for WEST Garden Grove.