Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Favorite Things I

I've decided to devote a blog every now and then to some of my favorite things. The little things in life that just make it easier and help me to smile a bit more. So, besides brown paper packages tied up with strings...here are a few more of my favorite things.

First let me apologize for the ugly toes (I'm not as blessed as Beth) I only did it to show how much I love my Crocs!! See the tan line? And it's not even summer yet. I wear them every place I can. I truly believe it was the only way I could get around Disneyland all day and not have sore feet the next! Plus, Mary-Jane style is so much cuter than the original style but every bit as comfortable!

Next is my water jug. It holds the daily recommended amount of water. I fill it up every morning, then just make sure it's empty before I go to bed. And if I am out and have a bottle of water some where else, I will save that empty bottle until I get home, and fill it up using my water-jug water so I am sure to count it. Get it? I love it and it has really worked in my struggle to drink more water!

And finally I love this measuring cup. No longer are the days of bending over to look at the side measurements. Can you see the white oval on the inside? It allows you to see how much liquid you have in an upright position. Ingenious!


Holly said...

I just tried those mary jane crocs on yesterday. very cute!!

where did you get your water bottle?

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh, if I took off my left shoe right this second and took a picture of my feet like you did, it would be identical to yours!! And where the heck did you get that wonderful measuring cup?!?

Jody said...

Holly - Target!

Tracy - Target!

Pretty much the place that has all my money.

Beth said...

Ha ha! Jody, I was having a good toe day. I'm telling you, those are rare for me! You know who always has good toes? Mom. And Kristi Winn. I want a water bottle like that too!