Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Uncle Chip will be happy to see Beck has mastered his training in The Marine Crawl.


And here it is from the other angle. Watch his little legs go!

Then he has this other way of getting around. Not as quick, not as pretty, but still effective.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Air Borne

First we had the ride that you saw Kendall do in the second video of the post below. Then we decided to add a ramp. And that's when it got really fun!

By the way, Chip's ride across America was really just part of his training so he could make the final run of this day (see bottom left corner).
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Back to Idaho

So I know Idaho was a month ago but I couldn't let it go without another post (or two).

Be looking for Kendall in the X-Games 2025.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Totally Wicked

Some of the most fun I have ever had. My Mom and four sisters went to see WICKED THE MUSICAL last weekend. I can't say enough about the play itself. No matter what I say I won't be able to give it all the praise it deserves so all I will say is that at more than one point Mom, Tracy, Beth, Ellen, Kelley and myself all had tears streaming down our faces not because of a sad or extremely happy part but because the music was so powerful! Something that will be remembered for a very long time.

Since I can't express the joy I felt over the play, I want to recap a few of the highlights from the night itself:

  • Dinner at Super Mex. Next time Tracy will order the Jr. burrito.

  • The chit-chat in the car on the way out there. Loved the company I was in.

  • Walking up and down Hollywood Blvd. looking for a bathroom.

  • The African American boys commenting on the "white girl with bootie" as we walked by (twice). We are convinced it was directed at Mom.

  • Getting six girls in and out of the bathroom of Popeye's using the one token received by purchasing an apple pie-ish dessert.

  • Taking many group pictures in order to find the best back ground (you would have thought we were from Idaho or something).

  • The play starting and all of us realizing what we have been looking forward to for 9 months was finally happening!

  • The "fresherizer" girl in the bathroom at the Pantageous.

  • Beth dashing out of the play as she was choking on the peanut.

  • Recanting every funny line and spoiler and "did you notice when" together on the way home.
First picture: "Look there's the Pantageous, we have to take a picture!"Second Picture: (said in high pitched voices) "THE WICKED SIGN!! Quick, take another picture!"Third Picture: "The 'N' is working on this side, lets take another picture."Fourth Picture: "We have to have one of us inside! Let's take another one."

(thanks for the pictures, Mom)

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Real Thing

Our kids got their first taste of snow, literally. They ate it, stomped, rolled, played, smashed, sled, tumbled, wrestled, and just plain old had fun in it. Morgan and Kendall really had a good time experiencing this thing that up until today, they thought was polyester batting in Grandma's village.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

We're Ba-aack!

I know many of you had bets on whether we would come back from Boise or not. Yes, we are back, back to stay. Returning unsuccessful in getting any to come back with us.

Our trip was wonderful. I could not ask for anything to have gone better. The kids got along, the adults got along, and with 10 kids and 6 adults living in the same house, that is saying a lot! In fact, it was more then just getting along, we enjoyed each other's company immensely (or they did a good job faking it to our faces).

We had to eat in shifts. Usually the kids ate first. Us moms had quite the assembly line when dishing the food out. How many gallons of milk did we go through in a week?

Morgan (with a "breath-right" strip, thank you Uncle Fo'ou), Hannah and Eden -- Seemed there was always a game being played somewhere in the house. Apples to Apples was a favorite. Beck, Ilai and Jack -- Beck learned there are other things to do besides dress-up like princesses.
One of my favorite, if not the favorite was the last day when all the kids stood around the piano and sang Primary songs while Tracy played. You would have cried too.
Lots more to come! There are so many pictures I need to do it in shifts!