Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Beck Favorites

This face.
These legs.
His curly mohawk.

His tiny everything.
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Our New Button



Born May 17, 2007 ~ 10:17 am

6 lbs. 08 oz. ~ 20 in.

He is just so little! We have fallen head over heals in love with him.

Mom and Beck are doing wonderfully well. From the very first contraction to the last push it was a total of 12 hours. We were actually able to get to the hospital early enough to get an epidural this time and it was heaven. Beck was eager to come as he was eleven days early and it only took two pushes to get him out. We are certainly glad he is here and have become completely smitten.
Proud (and tired) Mama and Papa.

"Big Sister" and "Big Big Sister" (they deemed themselves).

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's A Duck!

Kendall drew me a picture of a duck with sidewalk chalk. I love it! She asked Scott to make water and the legs, but the rest is pure Kendall. What I don't know is if she set out to draw a duck or drew a shape and then called it a duck. Either way I think it's adorable.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Shower For All!

Grandma Dolly and Friends threw such a fun shower! The ladies, kids and grand kids were all invited and all the activities were centered around the kids! I know Morgan and Kendall had a really good time. With everything from face painting to stroller races, how could you go wrong?

Kendall loved the face painting and even got a butterfly on her leg and a spider on her foot!

Eden coached a blindfolded Beth to victory in the "Dress Your Baby" game.

Anela claimed the record for 100% of her bean bags made through the target!

The judges.

The kids even took turns opening gifts. And a lot of gifts there were! Thank you to everybody!

Father & Sons?

After nine years of Scott going to the annual Father and Sons camp out by himself, he finally was able to have a partner. Although, I have to say...there were two new "sons" who are the prettiest sons I have ever seen.

Eden had to go so she could join the family's fishing trip in the morning and Morgan had to go to keep Eden company!

"Shhhhh...I'm trying to fit in."

Shenandoah Shower

I am so lucky to have such a great friends! Cherri with the help of Dianne gave such a beautiful baby shower. They thought of everything from using cloth diapers with ribbon sewed on them for napkins to a gorgeous diaper cake, made by Cherri herself! We are so lucky to have this baby loved by so many.

The gorgeous host with her gorgeous cake. How many diapers do you think there are?

Dianne painted the cutest growing chart! She is so talented!

Make way for very well dressed baby!

My sisters, minus one (love you Trace!)

...and don't forget the cupcakes from Sprinkles! YUM!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Favorite Things I

I've decided to devote a blog every now and then to some of my favorite things. The little things in life that just make it easier and help me to smile a bit more. So, besides brown paper packages tied up with are a few more of my favorite things.

First let me apologize for the ugly toes (I'm not as blessed as Beth) I only did it to show how much I love my Crocs!! See the tan line? And it's not even summer yet. I wear them every place I can. I truly believe it was the only way I could get around Disneyland all day and not have sore feet the next! Plus, Mary-Jane style is so much cuter than the original style but every bit as comfortable!

Next is my water jug. It holds the daily recommended amount of water. I fill it up every morning, then just make sure it's empty before I go to bed. And if I am out and have a bottle of water some where else, I will save that empty bottle until I get home, and fill it up using my water-jug water so I am sure to count it. Get it? I love it and it has really worked in my struggle to drink more water!

And finally I love this measuring cup. No longer are the days of bending over to look at the side measurements. Can you see the white oval on the inside? It allows you to see how much liquid you have in an upright position. Ingenious!

Kendall's 3rd Birthday!

What else would be more suited for Kendall's 3rd birthday then a day at Disneyland, including dinner with the Princesses?...Nothing! Kendall had a great day!

They gave Kendall a birthday button that let everyone know it was her birthday. A lady on Main Street had her come in to listen to a special birthday phone call from Goofy! Kendall thought that was so cool.

Morgan was great and let Kendall choose all the rides to go on.

The weather could not have been better!
We made a special stop at the Princess Fantasy Faire to get the girls' hair done and face painted. Now they were ready to have dinner with the Disney Princesses!

This is at Ariel's Grotto. Such a fun place to eat! Ariel is waiting to greet you as you walk in.

Then, as we ate Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and her Fairy God-Mother stopped by to take pictures as well. Kendall was so excited to get a hug from her favorite, Cinderella.

We loved having the Peterson's with us too!
And even Scott couldn't pass up an opportunity to get his picture with his favorite.

At the end of the night we had Kendall's gifts waiting for her in the car. She was so exausted from the day she asked if she could open them tomorrow.