Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Shenandoah Shower

I am so lucky to have such a great friends! Cherri with the help of Dianne gave such a beautiful baby shower. They thought of everything from using cloth diapers with ribbon sewed on them for napkins to a gorgeous diaper cake, made by Cherri herself! We are so lucky to have this baby loved by so many.

The gorgeous host with her gorgeous cake. How many diapers do you think there are?

Dianne painted the cutest growing chart! She is so talented!

Make way for very well dressed baby!

My sisters, minus one (love you Trace!)

...and don't forget the cupcakes from Sprinkles! YUM!!!


Holly said...

I keep hearing about the Sprinkles cupcakes...we'll have to try some when we come to CA!

You scored some cute stuff! Nice job.

Chip said...
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Tracy said...

sorry - I was signed in with Chip's name, so I had to delete my cutsie comments! As I was saying.... aaahhh! How I wish I could be there! Photoshop me into that sisters picture! Jody - pregnancy sure looks good on you! And how cute is that diaper cake? Oh, and isn't it so much fun to get boy clothes after years of girl stuff? YAY!! Wish I could be there - Love ya!!