Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Kendall's 3rd Birthday!

What else would be more suited for Kendall's 3rd birthday then a day at Disneyland, including dinner with the Princesses?...Nothing! Kendall had a great day!

They gave Kendall a birthday button that let everyone know it was her birthday. A lady on Main Street had her come in to listen to a special birthday phone call from Goofy! Kendall thought that was so cool.

Morgan was great and let Kendall choose all the rides to go on.

The weather could not have been better!
We made a special stop at the Princess Fantasy Faire to get the girls' hair done and face painted. Now they were ready to have dinner with the Disney Princesses!

This is at Ariel's Grotto. Such a fun place to eat! Ariel is waiting to greet you as you walk in.

Then, as we ate Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and her Fairy God-Mother stopped by to take pictures as well. Kendall was so excited to get a hug from her favorite, Cinderella.

We loved having the Peterson's with us too!
And even Scott couldn't pass up an opportunity to get his picture with his favorite.

At the end of the night we had Kendall's gifts waiting for her in the car. She was so exausted from the day she asked if she could open them tomorrow.


Holly said...

That's so cute! We are going to Dis at the end of the month, and I think I am more excited that Inez but probably only because she doesn't know the reality of our trip yet. We just keep telling her that if she keeps going potty like a big girl and has no more accidents, then Daddy will take us to Disneyland. She has no idea that this trip is really happening and is just right around the corner!

P.S. No wonder your husband caught himself quoting Sleeping Beauty! :)

Tracy said...

what a perfect birthday!! I love the girls hair and faces! Aren't you so glad that trip was done before you had an infant to care for also?! Although, I remember going to Disneyland when I was due in 3 weeks and I would've rather had a labotomy at that point.

Cherri said...

It looks like Kendall had a wonderful birthday! Or should I say Kengall? It looks like the lady from Disneyland wrote that on her birthday button.

Jody said...

Cherri - you are very observant! The funny thing was I wrote the name out for her! But I wrote it it out in uppercase. She was the sweetest little Mexican lady, very thick accent, sang to Kendall and everything. Although some how she had gotten her lowercase "d" and "g" mixed up in the conversion. I couldn't correct her since this was already her second button. The first one said "Candle".