Monday, October 22, 2007

Gimmee an 'M'!

Morgan participated in a week long cheer leading camp at her future high school. She practiced with the high school girls for three days, two hours each day. Then, she got to cheer at a varsity football game. Morgan had such a good time. My favorite was instead of yelling, "GO MARINERS!" she was cheering for "GOOD MANNERS!" Hey, I'm glad she is such a fan of good etiquette.



The cheerleader's cheerleaders.

This is her doing her toe-touch, and after every cheer they have to show "spirit".

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kendall's Pumpkin Patch

Kendall had a fieldtrip with her school to the pumpkin patch. And from the rides to face painting to the bounce house, she had the most fun!

I love this picture. She was so excited to go through "the pumpkin graveyard" all by herself and came out yelling, "I did it!"
"So Beck, what did you think of the Pumpkin Patch?" "I liked it, but...
"'ve seen one pumpkin, you've seen them all."

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's All About Beck

I'm sure these are things only the mother appreciates but some of the little traits in this video I just love about my baby. I love how he sucks on his two fingers. I love how he almost gags himself doing so. I love when he spots the camera he gets his "got to have it face" including big eyes and pursed lips. And my favorite part that makes my frown turn upside down any day is when he looks over the camera, sees his mommy, and grins from ear to ear. I just love him.

And below, are the many faces of Beck. This is for all but mostly for those of you who aren't able to see him as often (or at all) as we would all like.

I love him. Have I said that yet?
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Superman Sews!

What? Superman Sews? What did he sew? I can't imagine him sewing anything!

No, Superman doesn't sew. But just as you were amazed to hear Superman sews, you should be equally amazed to hear my sister Ellen sewed! And she made two adorable baby "cozies" and matching burp cloths. I am just so proud of her for sticking with it I had post it!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wedding Plans

Congratulations Kelley and Tyler!

My sister, Kelley, got engaged last weekend to her boyfriend of five years (five years, right Kells?), Tyler! Everyone is so happy for them as we could see it coming and were just waiting for Tyler to make the move. Sunday morning he popped the question at "the duck park" where they had spent their first date. Right now it looks as though it will be a May 2008 wedding and just yesterday Kelley asked, "Is it too early to start looking for a dress?" I am excited for her too!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos Madre!

You may ask, "Why are you all wearing Groucho Marx glasses for your Mom's surprise birthday dinner party?"

And to this I answer, "Why not?"

Some favorite "Mom-isms":

The only reason why babies wear shoes is to keep their socks on.

It's only Angel drool.

This too shall pass.

The whole fam-damily!

(when taking a picture) Six, seven, eight, nine ten! (instead of the traditional 'one, two, three')

It happened sixty-eleven times!

(come on the rest of you, I know you can think of some more...)

"Do you think these mustaches make us look old enough to get a bite of one of those cupcakes?"