Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Shower For All!

Grandma Dolly and Friends threw such a fun shower! The ladies, kids and grand kids were all invited and all the activities were centered around the kids! I know Morgan and Kendall had a really good time. With everything from face painting to stroller races, how could you go wrong?

Kendall loved the face painting and even got a butterfly on her leg and a spider on her foot!

Eden coached a blindfolded Beth to victory in the "Dress Your Baby" game.

Anela claimed the record for 100% of her bean bags made through the target!

The judges.

The kids even took turns opening gifts. And a lot of gifts there were! Thank you to everybody!


Holly said...

How fun!

How did you manage to get not just one, but TWO showers with your THIRD baby!? Lucky.

Tracy said...

Wow, fun! Taylor Peterson looks SO old, WOW! I recognize the dress Eden is wearing - how neat! What a fun day.

Jody said...

I know! I am totally spoiled!

Beth said...

That's right! She wore it again the next day to church, Tracy! She loves (as do I) that dress!