Sunday, September 23, 2007

Like Father Like Son

Both of them, just as content as could be. I don't even know what they were watching. I don't think it really mattered to either one of them. I think they were just happy to be.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In Kendall's Words

It's about time! I have been waiting and waiting for my turn. Every day for the last week as we walked Morgan to school I would remind my Mom, "Two more days till my first day!" Man, those were the longest two days of my life! And finally it was MY turn.

My turn to pose for a first day of school picture.

My turn to say all the words wrong to The Pledge of Allegiance.

My turn to spell and count the letters in my name. There are seven by the way.

My turn to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, I make a really good spider.

My turn to color as an assignment and not just because I wanted to (I did want to, but I liked that I had no choice in the matter).

My turn to be the big helper and pull the wagon in and out during outside play time (I had seen Morgan and Eden do it so I instructed the boy pushing what his job was).

And as a side note, in this picture I am telling my mom to get out of the way because she had the nerve to stop in front of me and take a picture!

My turn to clap and dance to The Number Rock. And it really rocked!

And finally, my turn to have a younger sibling wait for something of mine to be over.

Yeah, I'm gonna like school.

Friday, September 14, 2007

When 5 and 3 Year Olds Play

Morgan: Mom, me and Kendall are playing "family". And I am Ariel and my husband is Eric. And Kendall is a little girl named Serena that we found. And me and Eric are going to take care of her because her parents died.

Me: Oh, I'm so sorry. That is very nice of you though. Is Serena okay?

Morgan: Yeah, her parents died before she was born.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cotton Candy Kickers

Morgan had her first soccer game last Satuday and I have to say she is a soccer stud! First play of the game Morgan kicks off, then keeps dribbling and BAM! First goal of the game. Next couple plays, BAM! BAM! Two more goals right away! She did awesome.

It does help that with the way the age cutoff works, she is one of the oldest out there. And she has been to lots of her cousins' games so she already gets the general idea (which is saying a lot for these girls). But never the less, whatever excuses you want to give her, there is no denying she shined on Saturday and had a smile from ear to ear (matching the one on her dad's face).

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Who is the fairest one of all?

According to Beck, it would be Beck.

Actually, you can see below he got his hand stuck behind the mirror and was trying desperately to get his fingers in his mouth and not really trying to make-out with himself.
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Saturday, September 8, 2007


My brother-in-law, Chip, is currently doing a "Sea to Shining Sea" bike ride. He is litterally riding his bike from New York, NY to Huntington Beach CA. Chip is doing this to raise awareness for his non profit organization OMEH. He started on Labor Day and is keeping a journal on his website at I am facinated by his journey. Check it out and tell all your friends to check it out too!


Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten

Barker Lions! Barker Lions!

We're the BEST around.
We study hard, we do our best
to make our teachers proud.

Barker Lions! Barker Lions!

Spirit is our rule.

Three cheers for the BLUE and GOLD
at Baaar-keeerr Schooooool!