Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Five? Who's Five?

Yep. Believe it or not, K-dog is five. Five years of her brightening our rooms with her sunshine smile. A few things about my favorite five year old:

  • She is very fashionable and needs to know, "why does it ALWAYS have to match?"

  • She loves to do her hair and her favorite is rocking the side ponytail.

  • Favorite thing to eat is "yellow cheese cut up" (that means grated). Just plain in a bowl is best.

  • And it's kind of funny because she has got a really good whine to go with that cheese!

  • She is very concerned about learning "how to be a mom" and already knows she wants to have three kids when she gets there.

  • She can tease her little brother like no one can.

  • She loves to help in the kitchen and already can make waffles and brown the meat (not together of course).

  • Kendall is moved by music and loves to dance accordingly.

  • When she's tired, get out of her way.

  • But when she's happy you can't help but be happy right along with her. She has the most contagious laughter I know.
(Here would be the part where I insert all the fun pictures I took at her "underwater" party. You know, the one of her smiling huge under the blue tulle and fish hanging from the ceiling. I'd show you how we played pin the leg on the octopus and had mermaid jumping relay races. Next I'd show you a picture of her blowing out the candles on her mermaid cake. There would be one of her and all of her friends holding up five fingers. Yeah, this would be that part...if I didn't somehow delete all those pictures! I'm completely heartbroken over it. Thank you to Aunt Kimmy who happened to take some pictures of the food on her cell phone!)
The kids' menu was octopus hotdogs, sea-shell pasta, goldfish crackers, and a fruit salad.
The mermaild cake that was big enough to feed an army.