Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Cherri!

This is a little tribute to today's birthday girl, CHERRI. Who ironically is allergic to cherries, not the red kind but the odd looking yellow kind. She loves In & Out, Boston Market and Joe's Italian Ice. One great part about being her friend is she will very often call me when going to one of these places and offer to bring me back something. She is also the Gadget Queen. She loves do her research and test out all kinds of products. She is my living Consumer Reports. She is a spunky gal with a reputation for spouting off something hilarious that has you saying to yourself "Did she really say that?" as you are peeing your pants from laughter. She is a great friend and a wonderful mother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERRI!

PS - check out her blog Cherri Picking (link to the right)!

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Beth said...

Ok, and I LOVE how she was sitting with her primary class and when I said that there were no birthdays this week, she raised her hand and said, "Umm, my birthday is this week!" We were all so happy we had someone to sing to! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERRI!!

Cherri said...

ohmigosh! thank you so much jody (or did scott put you up to this?) you are so sweet and thoughtful. i can't belive i am a day late in reading your post. what can i say, a birthday girl gotsta be busy!

thanks for the kind words, your presence was missed at dinner. not your present though, you were so nice to drop it off beforehand. what a pal!

all joking aside, you are a wonderful friend and i am truly touched. thanks again!!!

bobsalouie said...

we're all very excited that cherri has finally turned 18 (and is now officially legal). cherri was stoked to read your blog for her birthday, so i owe you a big thanks on a few different levels. 1) you really are a great friend to her (us); 2) yours is the first blog i've participated in outside of the bean and cherri's, and i'm getting the hang of it; 3) those rice krispy treats are FANTASTIC!! i think we all ought to get together to beat a mexican sewer rat pinyata to celebrate her birthday. AYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!

Tracy said...

Cherri - I LOVE that story about Primary - says a lot about you and I LOVE it!! (Happy belated birthday!)