Monday, October 22, 2007

Gimmee an 'M'!

Morgan participated in a week long cheer leading camp at her future high school. She practiced with the high school girls for three days, two hours each day. Then, she got to cheer at a varsity football game. Morgan had such a good time. My favorite was instead of yelling, "GO MARINERS!" she was cheering for "GOOD MANNERS!" Hey, I'm glad she is such a fan of good etiquette.



The cheerleader's cheerleaders.

This is her doing her toe-touch, and after every cheer they have to show "spirit".


Jody said...

Hey Beth, did you see Shelby sitting behind Ellen and Kelley?

ellendy bellendy said...

That was a great night. You could tell she was having so much fun and I had just as much fun watching her. I laughed so hard when I saw the dance routine with the toe touch and the kick. Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Go Mariners!!

And of course you realize how very very much it costs to be a cheerleader..... But of course who cares when they are THAT CUTE!

Tracy said...

That's so cute I can hardly stand it! I think I have watched that video 15 times. My favorite part is after that amazing spirit kick - she seems so serious and is concentrating hard on picking up her pom-poms again to get back into place. I love it!

Beth said...

GOOD MANNERS! That is the funniest thing ever! I think she will make a great cheerleader. But she's also awesome in soccer. What's a girl to do????? Jody, I didn't see Shelby! My pictures are too dark. I am trying to edit them. How is his hand by the way? Does he still wear a cast at all?