Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's All About Beck

I'm sure these are things only the mother appreciates but some of the little traits in this video I just love about my baby. I love how he sucks on his two fingers. I love how he almost gags himself doing so. I love when he spots the camera he gets his "got to have it face" including big eyes and pursed lips. And my favorite part that makes my frown turn upside down any day is when he looks over the camera, sees his mommy, and grins from ear to ear. I just love him.

And below, are the many faces of Beck. This is for all but mostly for those of you who aren't able to see him as often (or at all) as we would all like.

I love him. Have I said that yet?
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Aunt Kimmy said...

how could i look at all those adorable pictures and not post a comment...he is YUMMY!

Cherri said...

So Happy.
So Cute.

I wonder what he was thinking about in that center photo. It is my favorite.

Holly said...

he is so cute jody! he really looks like your family to me. but then maybe he doesn't, the mom & dad always know best.

ellendy bellendy said...

He is so cute and I love him, too!! He reminds me of Jim Carrey with all those faces. The top right corner is one of my favorites. It's like he's saying, "What are you gonna do?" (you know, after something happens that you have no control over.)
The middle picture is a good one too, as well as the bottom left corner. Actually, the whole middle row is great...uuugghhhh, nevermind. They're all great!!!

Beth said...

OH! OH! OH! Thank you for those pictures! I couldn't see the video at all. It was too dark. But I love love the sound and pictures! He is a perfect combination of both Kendall and Morgan to me.