Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kendall's Pumpkin Patch

Kendall had a fieldtrip with her school to the pumpkin patch. And from the rides to face painting to the bounce house, she had the most fun!

I love this picture. She was so excited to go through "the pumpkin graveyard" all by herself and came out yelling, "I did it!"
"So Beck, what did you think of the Pumpkin Patch?" "I liked it, but...
"'ve seen one pumpkin, you've seen them all."


Anonymous said...

Kendall must feel so grown up, going on field trips and doing things on her own without having to follow Morgan. Being a big kid is great! What neat opportunities you give your kids.
And I have to disagree with Beck. Seen one pumpkin, seen 'em all, except for that really really cute one with the orange cap on!
Gramma Faye

Cherri said...

I love the first picture of Kendall. Such a cute pose. Then I loved her profile picture too. Kendall is cute, Beck is cute, you are cute too (just so you don't feel left out).

Beth said...

She was so proud of herself! I love the comment about Beck: You've seen one you've seen them all.