Thursday, November 1, 2007

Disneyland With The Schultz's

Sometimes, after you haven't seen someone for almost two and a half years, the first time you see them you expect it to be maybe a little awkward at least until you warm up to each other. Well, not with the Schultz's. After the screams of excitement died down, the hugs hello let go, and the tears of joy dried up it was like they had never left. We were so lucky to be able to spend so much time with Schultz's on their jam-packed trip. I loved how the cousins played so well and got to know each other. I don't think our visit could have been any better. I loved having my sister around, her four kids, and of course Chip. We had such a great time!! The only bad thing about having our time together be so wonderful is you miss them that much more when they are gone again. We love you guys!! And here are just a few memories from our day at Disneyland together.

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Tracy said...

Yay! That was so great! That was such a fun, wonderful, perfect day. You are right, it felt as if we never left. But you are also right about missing you all so much more now that we were with you again! Love you all so much!

Holly said...

I am so glad that they went to Disneyland while they were in town. I would have been mad if Chip had gone cross country, on his bicycle, and they skipped the Happiest Place on Earth. :)