Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos Madre!

You may ask, "Why are you all wearing Groucho Marx glasses for your Mom's surprise birthday dinner party?"

And to this I answer, "Why not?"

Some favorite "Mom-isms":

The only reason why babies wear shoes is to keep their socks on.

It's only Angel drool.

This too shall pass.

The whole fam-damily!

(when taking a picture) Six, seven, eight, nine ten! (instead of the traditional 'one, two, three')

It happened sixty-eleven times!

(come on the rest of you, I know you can think of some more...)

"Do you think these mustaches make us look old enough to get a bite of one of those cupcakes?"


Tracy said...

I'm so sad - the pictures are not pictures for me - just little red X's. But until I can figure out how to see them... two more momisms came to me right away. "Upward and Onward" and "Love ya back" :) - Love momisms. I'm sure there will be more... Great Post!

Tracy said...

Oh duh - the most famous of them all... "It will work"

Aunt Kimmy said...

same problem - no pictures

ellendy bellendy said...

I'm not seeing the pictures either, but since I was there, I can comment anyway. The glasses worked great. No one there knew who we were!!!

Holly said...

I don't know if it's really a "momism" from your Mom, but I fondly remember Beth telling me that she told you girls that she wanted you to laugh with your mouths open iinstead of through your noses while in church so that you wouldn't make noise. But it backfired when the visual of silently laughing with your mouths wide open would make you laugh even harder.

Ah...I just love and miss you Meunier girls!

And Happy Birthday Sister Kossub, I love and miss you too! :)

ellendy bellendy said...

Aahhh, yes. I remember the arm pinches to get us to stop laughing. Never worked though. The tears were real, but not because of the pinching.

Jody said...

Holly - the visual makes me laugh out loud even now!

Cherri said...

I Love It!

I only have one question.

Why is Scott screaming?

Holly said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures are funny!

Anonymous said...

It really was a fun fun evening and I spent it doing what I would have chosen, had I had the choice.

I'm the one that is forever getting little red x's and I got the pictures instead! Hooray!!

Thank you all and love you all!
(You too Holly!)

Beth said...

That was so so so funny Jody! Great Picture! One question: Why was Kendall so upset? Love love love that!

Tracy said...

I'm SO glad I can see the pics now - they are SO hilarious!!! Jody - you just might look the most funny - what a fun, fun evening!!!

Jody said...

Beth, Kendall was having a fit because we were trying to get her to wear the glasses. You will notice she is the only one NOT wearing them. She had worn them before and we couldn't figure out why she wouldn't wear them for the picture. Probably was being smart and didn't want her posted on the web looking like that.

Beth said...

Exactly! She's no fool!