Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Sweetest Little Old Lady

Forget the weather, forget her own mother, forget her two brand new nephews, forget her daughter's best friend and cousin, and forget her favorite sister (ME of course!). If this doesn't bring Beth back to California, nothing will!
Beth! Did you forget about Sister Evans' birthday cake!?!

I know the sweetest old lady. Now I'm sure everyone thinks they know the sweetest old lady, but my lady is by far the sweetest. She is in my ward and when she makes the announcement for the blood drive you would think she was sending us to Disneyland. She is the only one who could make giving blood sound like so much fun! And all of her sweetness goes right into her cooking. She bakes a chocolate cake, with some sort of cream cheese / chocolate chip layer for EVERY WOMAN IN THE WARD and delivers it to them on thei
r birthday! And it is soooo tasty! Don't get me started on her home made dinner rolls!! I have kids just so she'll bring me dinner and some of those rolls.

True story: When the sign-up sheet got passed around to bring me dinner after having Kendall it was full before Sister Evans could sign up. She expressed her disappointment to my visiting teacher and my visiting teacher said no problem and bumped someone else off the list so Sister Evans could get on!

Beth, really, what were you thinking?!?

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Holly said...

Cream cheese layer?!

Beth you so crazy.

Beth said...

Ok, I FINALLY find some time to get online (can you say first day of school?)and I see THIS cake?!! Yum!I am so happy you got to enjoy yours! She left mine on my porch while we were out of town and Todd Cecil got it. Lucky man. And you're right, she IS the sweetest lady I know too!But you're the nicest person I know because you sent me a SPRINKLES cupcake in the mail!!!