Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Family Portrait

I have been wanting to get an updated picture of our family ever since Beck was born. Naturally, I could only go with the best. We had to sit for a very long time while a well known artist in the area sketched out our portrait. The kids were surprisingly patient during the whole thing! I think it is a great likeness. My only regret is I should have dressed the family in more natural colors like tans, black and white as opposed to the pinks, reds and green we went with.

From left to right, top to bottom it is Scott, Jody, Beck (with stick-up hair), Kendall and Morgan (Her words were, "It's okay that Morgan is little." We trust her judgement). The artist's name is Kendall and you would never know by looking at the picture but this was her first attempt at drawing people!
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Cherri said...

Very great work from sweet Kendall (or Kengall). At first glance I thought that she had drawn you sleeping, but then you have two little eyes right above your smile. So are the lines your eyebrows? They look fab since you just got them threaded.

Aunt Kimmy said...

Oh contrare - she did a fabulous family portrait at church on sunday on that doodle draw board thingy. Had you not been out nursing I would have shown you...You know, they have this contest at school where you can compete with all the other california schools - I know she's not school age, but I think she might WIN!

Tracy said...

Wow, I am totally impressed!!! Not too far off from my 5 year old's pictures of people, actually! Beautiful family portrait, I would totally frame that one Jody!

Anonymous said...

Our family portrait came complete with Shadow! If you've never seen an eight-legged dog then you're in for a treat! (Or maybe it seems to Kendall that he has eight legs as she leaps on the couch when he is trying to play chase with her.)
Our portrait, none the less, is precious, priceless and perfect, eight-legged Shadow and all!
Gramma Faye