Sunday, August 12, 2007

Makaafi Memories

Have you ever had a best friend move away? Ugh. That is what we are experiencing at our house, times five!

(...sigh) They're gone. And I'm happy for them. Truly, heartfelt happy for them. But I have to admit, I am sad for us. So, I hope you will bear with me as force myself to take the advice of my wise older sister and be thankful for the time when we had it so good.

Easter when Beth and I coincidentally bought matching dresses for Eden and Morgan.

Vegas baby!

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of them.
Sweet Anela.
Who is going to make chicken bones for Beck?

Funcle-O was always her favorite.

And we will always have this everlasting uma from Anela.


Holly said...

Jody, I am so sad for you guys!

Aunt Kimmy said...

I am so sad for you too but if this means your following soon - then I'm not talking to you anymore!

Jody said...

Don't worry, we're not going anywhere. We still have a lot going for us here (like you guys)!

Anonymous said...

Geez Jody. Just stopped the out loud sobbing so I could go to work today. Got it down to a mild whimpering and then I see this post. It's a beautiful post though.
Love you all,

Tracy said...

Dang - I feel awful! What wonderful pictures. sigh.... moving is so tough. sigh.... don't know what to say.....

Beth said...

Jody, now that I've stopped crying, I have to ask, were Morgan and Eden really that small at dance class? I never remember them being so small! And how about Tinkerbell the Giant? This is so great to have pictures posted because I would have never remembered those times!! We miss you . . .

Jody said...

Thank you for saying something funny! I didn't mean to make everyone feel so bad with this post.

I couldn't believe how little they were either! Now I want to pull out the video to see them in motion in that class. And good ole' Miss Donna - who could forget her?

And I am cracking up at Eden and Ilai's faces in the Vegas pictures. You half to click on them to really see their expressions.

I had so many more pictures...When I first pulled pictures together I had 50! That could have been a long post.

We miss you too!