Monday, August 20, 2007

Double Date

There is this family that we just love to hang out with. They have three boys (the youngest not pictured) who Morgan and Kendall call their Soldiers (when playing with princesses, they don't want to be the prince, they want to be soldiers). For the most part they all get along although there have been some lovers quarrels, mostly with the younger two. We went out to dinner and it just worked out better to have the kids at one table and the adults at the other (turned out to be a win-win situation). It's kind of funny how the kids sat themselves.

Looks like Kendall's "date" isn't going so well. And it looks like Morgan's is going a little too well!
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Cherri said...

Those are two of the cutest couples I've seen!!!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODY! What are ya, 25?

Jody said...

Ah, yeah, 25! I can finally rent a car!

Holly said...

Um, I think 16 is the appropriate age to start dating, but I won't let my girls until they are 21. :)

Jody said...

But Holly, it's a total group date!

Holly said...

Yeah, but we all know there is still pairing up on group dates. I mean, I'm sure some kids did that. Not me. I'd never do that.

(i hope my mom is not reading this.)

Tracy said...

how totally cute and funny and adorable!!!!!