Monday, August 6, 2007

A Blessing

I remember when our first child was blessed, she was one of two babies being blessed that day. The other was the youngest of three. The other father went first. Then it was Scott's turn. I can't say exactly what he was feeling but as he began he was over come with tears. I can only imagine it was feelings of being surrounded by the men in that circle of whom he held the utmost respect and gratitude for. Men with such strength all delicately holding his tiny little baby who herself is a gift so recent from her Heavenly Father's arms. I'm sure there is so much more to it that I could never do proper justice in words. Later the father of the other baby came to me with congratulations and said how neat it was to hear Scott's overwhelming joy and how he remembered feeling the same way with his first. I smiled and when I reflected on it later I could only hope that if and when our third one came, their blessing will be just as joyous as it was for this one.

Fast forward five years later and I can happily say it was. The circle of men was slightly different. Some of the hands the same, those who couldn't be there were missed, and some new friendships produced new hands. But the spirit was still there, just as strong and just as overwhelming as it was with the first.

I am thankful for the blessings I was given yesterday. Being surrounded by family and friends is almost too much to handle when I stop to take it in. And of course the blessing of three beautiful children and a wonderful husband who couldn't be a better husband and father if he tried.
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Beth said...

You're right. It was absolutely beautiful. Scott did a very nice job. I love Beck's Mohawk and bubble-blowing. That is such a great picture of all of you.

Anonymous said...

Very very nice Jody. You described it beautifully! You can also add great son-in-law to the "greats" that Scott is. I am so pleased that my grandbabies have wonderful parents! I love you all.

Tracy said...

When I got home from the store last night, Chip said, "Have you SEEN Jody's post?!?!" He was right - it IS beautiful!! The picture, your family, your words. Beautiful!!!

Jody said...

Ah, thanks Trace! That was so nice!

I have to admit, I was having a good hair day. I kept going back and forth -- curly or straight, curly or straight? I didn't have a lot of time so I went curly. I'm glad I did.

Jody said...

Beth - I love the bubbles too! I didn't know he was doing that until I went to do the post. I laughed when I saw them.

Holly said...

Jody, you are a totally hot mom! Good decision going curly too.

And beautiful sentiments, I love that feeling from the blessing day. That overwhelming gratitude, it's so amazing!