Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

I love when Easter falls on General Conference. The spirit of Easter seams to hold on that much stronger when you have just listened to a prophets testimony of the Savior.

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We started at home with each kid getting an egg. Inside that egg is a clue that leads to another egg with a clue, and so on until the final egg leads to their basket.
Morgan caught on right away, as to be expected. Read her clue out loud, "Go to where you will find the stuff that you like to sprinkle on your Rice Krispies," and new exactly where to go.
It took a while for Kendall to catch on that she needed to pay attention to what she was reading in order to find her next egg and not go for the obviously "hidden" egg (one of Beck's) right in front of her.
Beck was funny. He didn't have clue's written out. Instead had hand drawn pictures of an object to go to. After watching the girl's open their eggs, read their clues, then go find, he followed their examples exactly! He opened his first egg and saw a picture of a fridge (I have to pat myself on the back for my drawings, given he was able to tell what they were), he saw the picture, looked intently at the picture and said out loud as if he were reading something, "If you are hungry and you need some food, go to the fridge." He totally made up all the words! Of course if you ask him he was reading.
Next we went to Grampa Dave and Gramma Faye's for great food, even better company, and another egg hunt.
But first we had to take a slow walk, so the eggs could hide (good thing they weren't hidden any sooner or they would have been washed out to sea from the tsunami that the earthquake caused in the pool).
Noticed Beck changed his clothes. He was so upset when he had to put on his tie and "church shoes." He needed to where his "big jet" shirt and "running shoes" so he could be fast when he played with Ethan. The only way Scott and I could get him to dress up is if we promised he could change after he took some nice pictures. I hate when they start getting ideas of their own!
Finally the hunt was on.Mitchell and Scott counting their loot, comparing who got the most "adult" eggs.Beck was so happy when he found all of his eggs first. This is him finding it and declaring, "Yes! I won!" No one new it was a race until this declaration. I'm sure it was the big-jet shirt and running shoes that made all the difference.


Tracy said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the kids outfits - the dresses are to die for and Beck looks freaking adorable!! I miss the big egg hunt at Mom and Dave's! Looks like you do a fun thing at home - good idea!

Holly said...

Your kids are so cute Jody! And I loved reading this post, I could totally hear your voice in my head!

Faye said...

It really was a fun day. None of you noticed the ribbons so carefully woven through the girls braids. They truly won the Best Dressed in the Easter Parade award. And can't you just see that picture of Beck in his shirt and tie all blown up 17 years from now standing right in the middle of the "cookie table" when everyone is coming to wish him well on his mission.

Tracy said...

Totally, mom! And I could stare at his face in those first two pictures all day!!

Beth said...

I echo everything already said, but I have to say it again! OH MY GOSH!! Those dresses are to die for!! And Beck - wow, Fo'ou and I can't believe how much he looks like Austen did at that age!