Monday, April 5, 2010

Dinner for Dessert

Spaghetti with peas & carrots anyone?

Morgan's teacher's birthday is on April Fool's Day so she thought it was a riot when we showed up with these cupcakes to celebrate. The kids were afraid to try them and only did so when PROMISED it was all candy.

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Holly said...

Did you make those!? Color me impressed!

Faye said...

You are becomming the consumate cupcake maker! "Cupcakes for any Occasion by Jody". You could become independently wealthy! Here's your million dollar idea, just waiting to bloom. (Too bad million dollar ideas take so much work!) I bet Morgan's teacher was so pleased and what a great idea too.

Mindy Dahmer said...

"Hello, Cupcake!" I love that book! I've made a few of them, and they are so cute! I'm planning on doing the alligator for Ethan's birthday. Your spaghetti turned out so well! It's too funny that we're still doing the same things even though we live miles apart.:) BFF:)

Beth said...

Ok, WHEN did you start posting on your blog again?! So glad you did!! Now I'm dying to know, what are the spaghetti noodles made out of? (And everything for that matter?)