Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hooray for Four!

Kendall turned four last week and apparently, when you are four you need a day to celebrate each year you have lived.
Day 1 - The celebration started on Thursday, it was the closest school day before her birthday. We had a small party after preschool with all of her little buddies. Actually, it was the best thing ever - there are a set of twins who's birthday is the day after Kendall's, so us Moms got together and planned a party together. It turned out to be the best idea ever. One party with half the shopping, cost, and stress! And I just love these pictures with all her little school friends.

These are the twins she shared the party with. Their mom was in charge of the cake. So cute!

Kendall and James. According to James's mom, he's got a bit of a crush.

Day 2 - Scott was able to get us all signed in to Disneyland so how could we pass that up?! It turned out to be a really big day. Kendall was exactly 40 inches tall and was able to ride the "BIG" rides - Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Star Tours, etc. Before she went on each one of them we warned her it would be fast or bumpy and each time she made sure, "But my shoes won't fall off, right?" And when the ride was done she immediately would say, "I want to go again!"

I don't think Beck was digging the cage.

Birthday bonus - Daddy was there to spin them really fast. Double bonus - they got the pink teacup.

Day 3 - Well, day three was her actual birthday. We couldn't skip it! We celebrated with Scott's side of the family and the Peterson's were so kind to let us come over and swim and swim and swim. She hit more big milestones that day - she went down the slide BY HERSELF and swam (in the spa) without her vest! Who knew turning four would make her such a dare-devil?
Day 4 - hasn't happened yet. But she gets one more day to celebrate with all the other April birthdays on my side of the family at Gramma Faye's. And who knows, with all this new found braverism maybe she'll pet Shadow?


Cassi said...

When I saw the title, I thought you were announcing another baby on the way ;-)

Aunt Kimmy said...

So priviledged to be able to share her special day with this little angel! We love you Kendall!

Jody said...

That's funny Cassi, mean but funny.

Anonymous said...

It's neat when your birthday can last more than just one day. What a fun time it looked like! Love you Kendall!
Gramma Faye

debgodoy said...

love the pic of kendall with her "boyfriend"! HA!

Tracy said...

That was the funnestest week EVER!!! I just can't wait to squeeeeze those precious kiddos of yours!!!!!!!