Monday, May 19, 2008


We took the kids to an Angel game the other day. Funny how a baseball game brought out each of their personalities so clearly:

Morgan had to know e-ver-y-thing about the game. She had to know how many strikes? How many balls? How many outs? Was that an out? Is it the the other team's turn yet? Why do we need to 'make some noise'? Who's picture is that on the screen? Why do they put the players pictures up there? What is an inning? What inning is it? How many innings are there? Why are they hitting a beach ball around? How did the beach ball get way over there? Why don't they want the beach ball to go on the field? Why are they getting a new pitcher? And on and on and on and on and on...

Kendall loved "TO MAKE SOME NOISE!!" -- CLAP! . . . CLAP! . . . CLAP! CLAP-CLAP-CLAP-CLAP! Duh-nuh-nuh NA-TUH-DAAA! CHARGE! She was just having a good time. Except she didn't understand why we wanted the rally monkey to come so bad. My favorite was when she asked, "Why are those players sitting down?" After a while I finally figured out she was talking about a couple of fans wearing jerseys sitting in front of us.

Beck was doing one of three things: 1)pulling the hair of the girl in front of him, 2)squirming to get down and walk while holding onto my fingers, or 3)he would be very still and listen while everyone cheered then about two seconds after everyone stopped is when he felt it was a good time to join in with a "AAYYEE!" and a couple claps.

I enjoyed watching my family more than watching the game.


debgodoy said...

Cute post! Sounds like a good time! We want to take the boys to their first Angel game this summer when we are in Cali. I'm curious what Zach's reaction will be.... oh, i thought you could appreciate this: I am going to see WICKED in July! I thought it wouldn't be there anymore, but I guess I don't know how to use the ticketmaster website very well.... Ramon found it, and I am so excited! I have been thinking about it since I saw your post! Yay!

Chris, Stace & Jack said...

We just went on Thursday night, my Dad threw out the first pitch. It was pretty fun. Jack lasted one inning as the pre-game fireworks and cheering totally made him freak out and all he could say was that he wanted to go to Grandma Vicki's. I am happy to see that normal kids enjoy the clapping and cheering of the crowd! :)

Tracy said...

Jody Marie! That was SO cute and SO much fun to read!! I am still laughing at my favorite question of Morgans, "Why do we have to make some noise?" I really loved this post.

And "debgodoy" - you are in for a real treat! May I suggest you read the synopsis withOUT the spoilers (unless you already know them!) I think I would have enjoyed it more if I did (even though it was totally amazing)! I want to see it 10 more times!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't summer fun with baseball games and fireworks and warm evenings and squirt guns and watermelon? The kids personalities were, as you said, brought out perfectly!! How fun!