Thursday, April 17, 2008

Communication Is Key

Here is a quick demonstration of *Beck's three most favorite words.

*Beck is the one with hair in the black jacket.

FOOD (he makes the sign when hungry or sees someone else eating and would like them to share)

MORE (usually made when not being fed fast enough)



Aunt Kimmy said...

he puts such a smile on my face! What an angel!!!!

Tracy said...

Jo - that was SO clever, and SO cute - but it just made me so sad that I am not there to see that in person. I love, love him so much!! By the way, you never answered my question - what is on his face in your previous post?!

Anonymous said...

Talk about one absolutly amazing, smart (and cute) baby! Do they have pre-school Gate in Garden Grove???

Briana Walker said...

you're raising a little baby einstein. so cute!

Beth said...

Oh I LOVED that! That is exactly what I needed. And I love the continuous pictures of Kendall this month. Eden looks at them longingly.

debgodoy said...

Zach did signing time and loved it. He is talking now but I'll catch myself still doing signs to him. I think it is great that you guys are doing that.

Telefone VoIP said...
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Cherri said...

Cute and smart...the ladies are gonna love him!

**looks like you made Beck say he was all done and he wasn't. If I am reading his signs correctly he totally wanted more ;)