Sunday, April 6, 2008

Identical Cousins?

Scott's second cousin, Pat (probably short for Patricia), from back east just got married. We don't know them very well, I have actually never met that part of the family. The only reason why I have really ever heard of them is because they say it's a little freaky how much Scott and his second cousin look alike. I hear it was a nice wedding, I guess the weather could have been better. Her mom sent pictures. They make a cute couple!


(Morgan's not the only one that wishes April Fools would last all month long)

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Cherri said...

Scott makes an awesome looking woman!

Tracy said...

HA HA!!!! Kinda freaky actually. Good one.

Beth said...

I cannot BELIEVE how much those two really do look alike. We saw a younger version of him on TV the other day and it was his TWIN!!