Thursday, January 10, 2008

We're Ba-aack!

I know many of you had bets on whether we would come back from Boise or not. Yes, we are back, back to stay. Returning unsuccessful in getting any to come back with us.

Our trip was wonderful. I could not ask for anything to have gone better. The kids got along, the adults got along, and with 10 kids and 6 adults living in the same house, that is saying a lot! In fact, it was more then just getting along, we enjoyed each other's company immensely (or they did a good job faking it to our faces).

We had to eat in shifts. Usually the kids ate first. Us moms had quite the assembly line when dishing the food out. How many gallons of milk did we go through in a week?

Morgan (with a "breath-right" strip, thank you Uncle Fo'ou), Hannah and Eden -- Seemed there was always a game being played somewhere in the house. Apples to Apples was a favorite. Beck, Ilai and Jack -- Beck learned there are other things to do besides dress-up like princesses.
One of my favorite, if not the favorite was the last day when all the kids stood around the piano and sang Primary songs while Tracy played. You would have cried too.
Lots more to come! There are so many pictures I need to do it in shifts!


Anonymous said...

How I would have loved to have been there just to watch! One of my very most favorite things to do - just be there.


Holly said...

i agree with Mom, i would just love to be there watching you all, i love your family so much!!

Tracy said...

aahhh - that was so neat!! The trip was really was fantastic - It was tough to play the piano with watery eyes - that was just wonderful. I have been waiting for Boise posts. :) Love it!

debgodoy said...

glad your kids got to experience the snow with their cousins! Sounds like you all had a blast!