Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Uncle Chip will be happy to see Beck has mastered his training in The Marine Crawl.


And here it is from the other angle. Watch his little legs go!


Cassi said...

That is exactly what Coop does! No crawling for him, he's perfectly happy with the army crawl. Now he's moved on to pulling himself up on everything :-D

Tracy said...

No Cassi - it's the Marine crawl!! :) You are right Jo - Chip is VERY proud of "Becker"! We watched it a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it. The view from the back was even better.

Ramon said...

Beck is Rambo in training. We enjoy your site even though you laugh at our kid in pain.

Also great review of Wicked - we want to go one of these days. I recommend Lion King, Phantom, Joseph & The Amazing.., & Alladin that shows at Disney's California Adventure.

Holly said...

those are some cute liddle leggies!