Monday, November 19, 2007

Buttons Are Thankful

In no particular order

That we are a family . holidays . the park . glitter . food . Jesus didn't die . work . daddy . girls . us . napkins . my mom that cooks food we can eat. toys . a bed so we don't have to sleep on the floor . school . spring . baths . showers because they are fast . teachers . restrooms so we don't pee on the floor . play with toys at school . Beck . cups . Jesus . jackets . my clothes don't fall off . jewels . healthy bodies . Holy Ghost . my reading buddy . animals . salt . bubbles I can pop . cozy . Ms. Jeanette . fruits and vegetables . house . drawers and cupboards so our house doesn't look messy . halloween candy . that Jesus made the earth . spoons, forks, and knives so we don't have to eat, cut, and scoop with our hands . holiday decorations . Thanksgiving . friends . Christmas . my birthday . pumpkins . Fourth of July . dinner . nail polish . knives so we don't have to cut with our forks . pictures so our house doesn't look sloppy .


Anonymous said...

What a fun time that must have been sitting with the girls and just talking to see the things they came up with that they are thankful for. I am thankful for wonderful sweet sons and daughters and even more wonderfuler and sweeter grandchildren!

Cherri said...

I love how thankful YOU are. Are your clothes about to fall off because you have lost all the baby weight?

Tracy said...

How sweet. I'm thankful for those things too - especially restrooms so we don't have to pee on the floor. I love you Buttons!!!

Jody said...

Mom, it wasn't a one night thing. It was actually a topic of conversation every Monday night at dinner. Can't you tell since so much of it revolves around food and dinner time?

And Cherry, I am most thankful for Halloween candy, which in turn is making it so my clothes are NOT falling off.