Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Favorite Things II

First you are going to love me because you will try this smoothie mix and love it just as much as I do. Then, you are going to hate me because you find yourself having to clean your blender every morning in order to enjoy the's so worth it! All you need is this mix, a banana (best with those over ripe brown bananas you don't know what to do with anyway), some milk, and ice.

You can find it at your grocery store, usually next to the bananas.

The best recipes! Why are they the best? I'll tell you! They are simple, use every day ingredients, and I haven't found one I didn't like if not totally love (and I have made a lot of them). You can get the recipes at or you can also sign up for the FREE magazine, which I suggest doing.

Just try the BBQ Mini Meat Loaves!
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Beth said...

She's telling the truth! She gave me one of her magazines and she's so right! Lemon cream pie. Yum.

Cherri said...

I just signed up for the magazine! It only gave two options for which best describes yourself. Please check one.

___ I like to cook, but I need fast easy receipes.


___ Cooking is my passion and I love to experiment.

I needed a third option.

___ My kitchen is currently inside McDonald's.

Tracy said...

Cherri, that was the best. I still have those banana smoothies 4 times a week at the very least. I LOVE them. I have to disagree though - I think they are too sweet when the banana has started to brown. Oh well, they are still delicious - have you tried chocolate banana? To die for.... and 10 calories less per serving!:)

Holly said...

beth just told me about that magazine! i'll have to try it out.