Wednesday, January 14, 2009

iHeart iRobot

People have tried to give us pets as gifts before. Okay, once. For my birthday. It was a kitten. Unfortunately the giver of the gift didn't know much one of us don't like pets living in the house. Fortunately the giver asked the said one of us first before giving the gift. She was informed of the dislike and was able to find the kitty a new home (her own) before the other one of us could fall in love with it.

It is now Christmas and we've been given another pet. Not a cat but another animal of sorts. Some how the one of us was won over this time. You see, this pet you don't have feed and comes house trained in more ways than one. It lives and thrives on the scraps you leave behind. It also eats whenever and where ever you have trained it to. It even finds its food where you don't know you've left it. When it's full, or tired it wanders around until it spots its home you've set up and parks itself there to rejuvenate.

He's so cute. Every time he's about to go out he sings a little "doo-doo-doot-doo" kind of as a little tail wag, excited to see what he can scrounge up. Then, after he's devoured all the crumbs and dust bunnies he returns and sings another little song. He gets so proud of himself and looks for your praise. He just loves when I turn him over, scratch his belly and give him a little cleaning.

He's so cute too and can do tricks! He speaks, spins in circles and sometimes plays dead when he can't find it's home. He is so faithful, just the pet one of us, and the other one of us, always wanted.
His name is Roomba. Isn't he adorable!


Mom said...

My kind of pet. Does he jump on you? Ours does (as you well know!). And does Roomba really work that well? (I think I'm jealous.)

Cherri said...

I love your pet. I am jealous as well.

Didn't you have a dog once?

Jody said...

Mom, he works that well and is fabulous.

And Cherri, if your talking about the dog I found wandering all by his lonesome and coaxed into following me home so I could put up flyers everywhere only to get a phone call from his owner a week later and return him to the exact same house I found him "wandering" in front of. Well then, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Kimmy from the OC said...

couldn't have said it better myself....which is why i don't even try! You've captured his little spirit perfectly. love it too!

Anonymous said...

By the way, Max says hello! He has turned out to be one of the goofiest cats I have ever owned. I love him to pieces! (but he doesnt vaccuum my floor... waah!)

Holly said...

i need that pet.

Beth said...