Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I know I'm not supposed to want to disappoint my kids but I kind of get a kick out of doing it to Beck because I get this reaction (learned from his older sisters).


Cherri said...

You got "I want a candy" out of that? I heard, "Let's go to Cherri's house!"

Please do not disappoint Beck and send him over, please.

Tracy said...

Dang! I hate not having sound on this dumb computer!! You'll have to tell me what happened. Did he really say "I want candy"? No way! I loved seeing video of him though - I watched it over and over just to see him "be" :) Love you Beck!!

Holly said...

gwen does that too, learned from her older sister. she also couples her disappointed reaction with dropping her head down.

he's so cute.

Mom said...

Have watched it (and heard it in person) many many times over and never get tired of it. It seems to get better every time. So stinkin' cute!!!


we've seen it about 25 times!
by far the funniest video
kendall sneaking up on scott with a snowball is a close second!!!!