Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten

Barker Lions! Barker Lions!

We're the BEST around.
We study hard, we do our best
to make our teachers proud.

Barker Lions! Barker Lions!

Spirit is our rule.

Three cheers for the BLUE and GOLD
at Baaar-keeerr Schooooool!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! She is absolutly too too young and small to be in Kindergarten but then she looked just fine in line with all the rest of the kids. And even though she probably read the discipline code, etc. to you and Scott, she is still too young! (Didn't she just have her third birthday???)Don't turn around or it will be her first day as a Freshman at Pacifica.
Lots of love,
Gramma K

Holly said...

So cute! Did you cry? I can't imagine...

Beth said...

What a perfect first-day-of-school dress! She's so pretty! And now I have that song in my head. And I almost cried.

ellendy bellendy said...

How cute, and sad of course. I love the third picture of her from behind. It looks like she's saying, "Look out world, here I come!"

ellendy bellendy said...

I just noticed that in that same picture, she's not even using the wheels on the backpack. She's just dragging it along on the back side of it. So cute.

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh, what a pretty little girl! THIS IS NOT SAD PEOPLE, IT'S FUN AND WONDERFUL AND EXCITING!! :)She's so girly and so cute. Cute idea with the school "fight" song - loved it. Although, "raw" is probably "rah" in this case. But that's okay, we all know what ya mean! hee hee.

Jody said...

Holly - I didn't cry. She was SO excited and SO ready I was just excited for her. Although I had to fight back my tears of joy the previous day at the Kindergarten Orientation when she read something outloud and the teacher complimented her on it. I'm such a sap!

Beth - Emily and Faith taught her that song (with hand motions) and I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!

Ellendy - Hi! I'm so glad your commenting! And I thought the same thing about the back pack, I was checking every few steps to see if it was dragging. It wasn't, but very close. She's just so short!

Tracy - Thanks for the tip. Your right. It sounds like they are yelling for sushi!