Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cotton Candy Kickers

Morgan had her first soccer game last Satuday and I have to say she is a soccer stud! First play of the game Morgan kicks off, then keeps dribbling and BAM! First goal of the game. Next couple plays, BAM! BAM! Two more goals right away! She did awesome.

It does help that with the way the age cutoff works, she is one of the oldest out there. And she has been to lots of her cousins' games so she already gets the general idea (which is saying a lot for these girls). But never the less, whatever excuses you want to give her, there is no denying she shined on Saturday and had a smile from ear to ear (matching the one on her dad's face).

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Aunt Kimmy said...

she can't help it - the talent is in the family!! Congratulations Morgan - we love you!

ellendy bellendy said...

Not to take away from Morgan's triumph but in those uniforms, ALL the girls shined.

I'm so happy for her. Sounds like she is a natural! I can't wait to see her play!!

Jody said...

Kim - Yep, I guess it's in her blood.

Ellen - I know. Maybe I should change it to "she glowed".

Tracy said...

YAY MORGAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, sweety!!! You'll have to ask daddy for a buck a goal, then by the end of the season, you can buy a car!!!

Holly said...

That soccer talent definitely runs in the family!!

Beth said...

That is SO AWESOME!!! I wish I could watch her play! And, I'm glad to see they didn't go with the team name, "Watermelon Shooters". Cotton Candy is much better.