Friday, May 28, 2010

Star Wars Invasion

This is a picture of Beck after we got home from Target on the day he got to pick out a toy for being done with his Potty Chart. He was so happy and so sure this is what he wanted as we walked up and down the isles.
Little did he know an alternate alien race was about to invade. You would think being a Star Fighter Jet from Star Wars, you would plan for such an attack. However, I don't think anything could have been prepared for what happened next...Duh, DUH, DUUUHNNN!

Attack of the Kendall and her Polly Pocket posse. While you nap they will take over your Star Fighter Jet garage and turn it into a master wardrobe closet.
Careful, they take no prisoners.
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Faye said...

Beck will be able to write quite a book about what it is like having two older sisters. And if he writes anything like his mom does, it will be very entertaining a delightful to read. You're good Jody!

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh, that was SO FRICKIN funny. I love it. And yes Jo, you have a knack. Can't wait to show everyone here! BTW, Chip will be so proud to have a Star Wars lovin' nephew!

Beth said...

Ha ha ha! This is so funny! I love the way you write things!