Monday, December 22, 2008


Thank you to Grandma Dolly's, friend's, daughter who had tickets to CATS and couldn't use them! They were amazing seats--four rows back, dead center. For some reason Scott didn't want to go (not really a people-dressed like cats-dancing on stage kind of guy) so I was very happy to take Morgan. We both thoroughly enjoyed the show.

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Mom said...

What an opportunity!! So glad you could take advantage of it. I pity her first high school play experience in that she has seen two Broadway shows now! I am sure that she will tell all her friends that they were wonderful though.

Beth said...

Oh fantastic!! But why was Scott dancing around in tights that one night then? I thought he'd love it! That sounds great. I bet Morgan will get into it like Wicked, what do you think?

Holly said...

oh your husband is such a guy.

beth, good one.

ellendy bellendy said...

YAY!! Cat's has always been my favorite!! If I haden't already seen it live about a year or two ago, I'd be more jealous than I am.