Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Why we like our Saturdays...

We get to see Kendall's fish-face.

(It's her concentra-tion face)

Oh yeah, she totally scored right here.

We get to see Austen so cool under pressure. Just look at the guy charging him!

This is the one day when the "highlighter pack" gets together.

Grandpa brings out his pink parasol.

And finally, we get to run through tunnels.

Who wouldn't love today?


Mom said...

We really do love our Saturdays too! As much fun as it is watching your own children play ball, wait until you watch grandchildren! It's a warm fuzzy smile all day kind of feeling. Grateful for kids that make it all possible.

Taylor said...

wish i could be there!! looks like so much fun!

Tracy said...

How did I miss this fun post?! Loved it!!! Good for Austen - I would have totally run away!!!

Beth said...

That was so great! I love the fish face, and I could tell she was totally gonna score right there.