Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Gander

Any guess to what the lovely Morgan is modeling below?

It was a birthday gift (thanks Dave!) last August. And since then the kids and I have had a lot of fun putting it to use.

Any guesses?
(no fair if you were there when I opened it)

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Aunt Kimmy said...

toothbrush holder?

Cherri said...

dude. not sure what to say. is it a cup? maybe not because there are holes at the bottom for the nose, right? maybe a strainer. the nose lets out the lemon juice without the seeds? after staring too long i don't know if it's even a face.

Tracy said...

What the..... maybe it's a chia pet and you need to grow some hair for him? When are you going to reveal the answer? I can't wait that long!!!

Chris, Stace & Jack said...

My guess is a self portrait of Ms. Piggy. And by the way thanks for my birthday wishes!!! Am I really 30????

Tracy said...

Alright already, what is it?!?!?