Sunday, April 22, 2007


We went to Megan's 11th birthday party at the skating about a blast to the past! Scott and I had fun reminiscing of our own skating rink days, ah the memories. And in case you are wondering, nothing has changed. If the smell alone doesn't take you back then the kids who think they are sooooo cool will, and the old man who literally skates circles around everyone and skates backwards the entire time weaving in and out of people is still there!

Morgan and Kendall had a blast! I have to hand it to Scott, Aunt Kimmy and Aunt Kristy. They are the troopers who took them around and around saving them from falling too many times and giving them a great time instead of a night full of falls and bruises. By the end Morgan was pretty good in the rink, if she stayed close to the wall, and Kendall was able to go by herself around the benches on the carpet. They were so tired at the end of the night that I think Kendall summed it up best when she said, "Mom, I like to skate but I think I'm done."


Tracy said...

Oh, how fun! The skating rink was the coolest birthday party place in the world!! Remember the dice game? I can't get over how much Morgan looks like you Jo - cute pictures!

Aunt Kimmy said...

Aunt Kimmy had a blast too! Price of a limo, or two (very expensive) but skating memories....PRICELESS! We were so glad you're little ones put on skates and took to the rink. We all love them SO much and cant wait for the new addition :)

Beth said...

That guy is STILL there? Do they still have that annoying couple who kiss and skate at the same time? Could you lock your things in a locker for 50 cents? HOW FUN!!!!